Composite Portrait Packages

Let the only limit be your imagination!

Capture exactly the look you're going for!  All subjects are photographed on a green, grey, or white screen and extracted.  Subjects can then be composited into an almost endless possibility of scenes or backgrounds.

Whether you're looking for the hyper-surreal or composite portraiture offers you a level of practicality, there is an option for everyone!

Fast and Convenient!

The entire screen setup, including lighting, is easily portable, making it the ideal setup for clients who either can't, or choose not to, make the trip to an independant photo studio.  My portable studio can be set up in any 10x10 space, even your living room!  This means you never even have to leave the house!

Composite Portrait Package

Travel to your choice of location **
up to 2 hours, including setup, shooting, and cleanup
Unlimited wardrobe changes
up to 10 digital images *
All editing and touch-ups are included.
Print packages available
Cost of Package: $249

Add-on services available for any Portrait Package, including Composite Portraiture:

Additional hour of coverage: $125 (up to 10 images * delivered per hour of coverage, delivered digitally)
Signature Photo Album featuring up to ten images, client's choice: $200
Signature Photo Album featuring up to twenty images, client's choice: $300
Signature Photo Album featuring up to thirty images, client's choice: $400
Small Print Package (five 8x10 and ten 5x7 prints): $100
Medium Print Package (ten 8x10 and twenty 5x7 prints): $200
Large Print Package (fifteen 8x10 and thirty 5x7 prints: $300
Single canvas print, 11x14, with premium gel coating: $300
Single canvas print, 8x10, with premium gel coating: $200
Thank you!
​​​​​​​Additional Information Regarding Portrait Packages:
* Quantity of images delivered is an estimate only.  Alex Comeau Photography will carefully curate, select, and edit your images from the entirety of the shoot to create a completely customized finished product for you.  The quantity of images delivered will vary depending on a variety of factors and situations not always able to be controlled by the photographer.  In some instances, and at the sole discretion of Alex Comeau Photography, the client may be asked or allowed to participate in the selection of images.  It is the official policy of Alex Comeau Photography that at no time, and under no circumstances, will a client be provided with unedited images, for any reason.
** Cost of service does not include additional travel charges when necessary.  Alex Comeau Photography will travel within a 30 mile radius of downtown Nashua, NH at no extra charge.  Any travel outside of a 30 mile radius of downtown Nashua, NH may incur a travel charge, at a rate to be determined by Alex Comeau Photography based on travel time, miles traveled, and other factors, at the discretion of Alex Comeau Photography.  Alex Comeau Photography may, at its discretion, elect to include an additional travel charge for circumstances where the distance between multiple locations included in the contract are an excessive distance apart. All charges are to be agreed upon in writing, in advance.

Alex Comeau Photography has a zero-tolerance harassment policy.  The client agrees to accept full responsibility for themselves and anyone else present.  Any conduct which can be construed as dangerous, harmful, hurtful, intimidating, harassing, threatening or unlawful may be considered grounds for termination of this agreement.  If at any time Alex Comeau Photography feels threatened, intimidated, or harassed by the clients or anyone else present, Alex Comeau Photography may, at its discretion, terminate the contract and the client agrees to forfeit all fees paid to Alex Comeau Photography, which may be considered as liquidated damages to Alex Comeau Photography.
The booking fee is due in order to execute an agreement.  Booking Fee is 20% of the contracted amount, with a maximum of $500, and the balance of the contracted amount will be due 21 days before the day of the session.
Upon agreement of all terms between Alex Comeau Photography and the Client, Alex Comeau Photography will provide a written contract to the Client.  Once signed by both parties, the Client will be considered "under contract" and Alex Comeau Photography will not seek additional clients for that date, and the clients will not seek additional photography services for their event.  At no time will any agreement be assumed, either explicitly or implicitly, without a duly executed contract signed by both parties and all necessary fees and deposits have been paid.